2013 Open-Phylo data

This page contains the data improved with Open-Phylo between December 3rd, 2012 and April 2nd, 2013.

This dataset constists of alignments of promoter regions of three cancer genes (the breast cancer type 1 susceptibility BRCA1, the tumor suppressor P53, and the retinoblastoma gene RB1). Each alignment has been improved using both the classical and the expert versions of the game Phylo. The original alignments have been first cut into blocks of 300 nucleotides, improved with Open-Phylo and re-assembled. The shifted and non-shifted datasets correspond to two alternate cuts of the original alignment.

The sequences have been initially aligned using one of the four alignment tools: Multiz, MUSCLE, PRANK or T-Coffee. All Open-Phylo solutions were scored with their respective objective function: Ancestor, MUSCLE, GUIDANCE and T-Coffee.

Explore the tree below to retrieve the results. Click on the + icon to expand the tree and click on the leaves to view the alignments. Alignments are displayed with jalview and you need to use Firefox or Safari to vizualize the data.

A tarball of these data can be downloaded HERE.

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